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Opened: 13.12.2011 End: 31.12.2012     Service number:

Status: Not active


PTC "Khimvolokno" JSC "Grodno Azot" invites you to take part in competition of procurement of the paper cylindrical tubes for production and winding chemical yarns.


PTC «Khimvolokno» JSC “Grodno Azot” widely uses paper cylindrical tubes for production and winding chemical yarns of the following dimensions:
— 292×73×3,2 mm (drawing 7100.00.00.013);
— 300×59,5×3 mm (drawing 6348.00.00.004);
— 300×59,5×6 mm (drawing 6348.00.00.005);
— 290,5×75×5,6 mm (drawing 6348.00.00.012);
— 300×94,3×6,7 mm (drawing 6348.00.00.019);
— 300×95×6,5 mm (drawing 6348.00.00.018);
— 300×95×7 mm (drawing 6348.00.00.017);
— 300×94,3×8 mm (drawing 7549.00.00.001);
— 300×110×7,5 mm (drawing 6348.00.00.014).
Drawings and technical characteristics are in Appendix.
Paper cylindrical tubes purchasing is performed based on competitive list drawing up in accordance with Provision on procedure of the choice of a supplier (contractor, executor) at performing purchases of goods (works, services).
One of the base condition to take part in procedure of open competition is production and expanded production test of tubes on PTC «Khimvolokno» JSC “Grodno Azot” and getting positive testing results before procurement procedure holding.
In case of such possibility to produce paper tubes according to drawing and technical characteristics indicated in Appendix we kindly ask you to consider an opportunity to forward paper tubes samples free of charge in quantity of 20-40 pcs. of which type for testing.
Please send the samples by DHL to the following address: JSC “Grodno Azot”, ul. Slavinskogo 4, 230026 Grodno, Republic of Belarus

Contact person: A. Levko, Vice Chief of Purchasing Department
tel.: +375 152 51-41-34.

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Technical characteristics
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