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Composite materials


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Impact-resistant composite polymer materials


Our company manufactures PA 6 based impact-resistant polymer composite materials, modified with olefinic polymers, elastomers and additives that improve injection properties of materials. These materials are noted for retention of their performance properties (resilience, elasticity and impact-resistance) at negative temperatures (down to – 60ºC).
 The materials are characterized by:
  • resilience and elasticity,
  • high impact strength and resistance to alternate loads, including low temperatures (down to –60ºC),
  • cracking and buckling resistance at alternating temperature and humidity,
  • low water absorption,
  • UV-resistance.
Produced as per TU RB 500048054.030-2003.

Grodnamid PA6-HI-1
- Grodnamid PA6-HP-1P

They are characterized by improved resistance to alternate loads and flexing. In certain cases it can be used as an ABS plastic substitute.
- Grodnamid PA6-HI-2

It is described by improved elasticity and resistance to alternate loads. In certain cases it can be used as an ABS plastic substitute.

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Grodnamid PA6-HI-1
281kb, .pdf

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