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Polyamide 6


Now branch "Khimvolokno Plant" JSC “Grodno Azot” produces polyamide-6 virgin non-thermostabilized (PA6-210/310) with relative indices 2,70±0,03 and 3,33±0,03 (sulfuric acid, 96,0 ± 0,15 %, 25 ± 0,1 С°).

Polyamide-6 is produced according to:  


ОSТ 6-06-С9-93

Polyamide 6 PА6-210/310 non-thermostabilized

(for low-viscous chips)

ТU RB 500048054.009-2001

 Note: There are introduced more strict requirements to physical & mechanical values as per GOST methods into Technical Specifications (TU) of the Republic of Belarus, thus the material produced under TU RB 500048054.009-2001 meets  ОSТ 6-06-С9-93  


TU RB 500048054.037-2002

Polyamide 6 for articles being in contact with foodstuff (for high viscous chips)

Note: 1. The material meets Unified Sanitary Epidemiological and Hygienic Requirements for Goods Subject to Sanitary and Epidemiological Control Supervision, approved by Decision of the Committee of Customs Union dd. 28.05.2010 No.299 Article II, Chapter 3, Chapter 16, that is evidenced by Certificate of State Registration No. BY. dd. 18.09.2012.

2. At procurement of Polyamide 6 for articles being in contact with foodstuff within territory of Russian Federation or for processing at RF, exclusive right for sales of these goods are belonged to a subject of commodity distribution network of the Belneftekhim concern, official representative office of the concern in the RF -  OOO Belneftekhim-ROS (http://www.belneftehim-ros.ru/)


Technical specification

Polyamide 6  virgin non-thermostabilized (to be sold to foreign countries)


Note: Testing methods are based on international standards ISO

The plant for production of polyamide-6 (PA-6) granulated, consisting of two independent lines of capacity 130 tpd each that was launched in 2012 allows to provide not only own necessities of the company in PA-6 chips as in raw materials for the goods production but to perform sales of polyamide-6 as a commodity.

Independency of lines allows producing simultaneously low viscous and high viscous polyamide-6.

In connection with putting new plant into operation, old facilities for production of polyamide-6 were put out of operation in 2011 and dismounted in 2013.

Application range of polyamide 6

Low viscous

(used for regular and high-speed extruding depending on equipment configuration)

High viscous

(used for high-speed extruding)

  • industrial yarns including commercial cord fabrics;
  • BCF yarn;
  • yarns for fishing nets;
  • polymeric composite materials;
  • monofilament yarns
  • high-tenacity industrial yarns;
  • heavy-duty cord fabric;
  • polymeric foil

Regarding all issues connected with sales of PА6 virgin please revert to Department for Plastics Sales of branch "Khimvolokno Plant" JSC “Grodno Azot”, ul.Slavinskogo 4, 230026 Grodno, Republic of Belarus, to phones and е-mails herein down indicated:

           Klyakhin Alexander - Head of Department for Plastics Sales

Sales to the RB

E-mail: ppmbel@grodno-khim.by

(+375 152) 738576
(+375 152) 738578

Sales to the CIS

E-mail: ppmrus@grodno-khim.by

(+375 152) 738543

Sales to foreign countries

E-mail: ppmcargo@grodno-khim.by

(+375 152) 738728
(+375 152) 738607

Marketing specialists

E-mail: ppm@grodno-khim.by

(+375 152) 738656


(+375 152) 542194

In 2014 JSC “Grodno Azot” brach "Khimvolokno Plant" is going to start production of polyamide 6 virgin for sales to foreign countries as per uniform technical specifications with trade name "Grodnamid-27" and "Grodnamid-33".

  • "Grodnamid" is a trade name;
  • «27» and «33» - viscosity of 2,7 or 3,3 rel.units, determined in sulfuric acid (96,0 ±0,15 % at 25 ± 0,1 °С).

At present there is final stage of realization at JSC “Grodno Azot” site of an investment project for construction of workshop for polyamide-6 production of capacity 35 000 tones per annum. A contract for delivery of technical documentation and equipment was concluded with Aquafil Engineering GmbH, Germany. They are going to put this plant into operation in the 1st half of 2014.
Thus in 2014 expected yield of polyamide-6 to be sold will make up ca. 56 000 tones.

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Technical characteristics

Technical characteristics






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