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Industrial fabrics


Industrial fabric produced from different textile materials is widely used as a reinforcing material in production of MRG (conveyor belts, flat, V-type and toothed belts, rubberized fabric hoses), etc. To achieve qualitative parameters of industrial fabric that conform to international standards, branch "Khimvolokno Plant" JSC "Grodno Azot" uses state-of-the-art weaving equipment of Dornier company which allows to produce industrial fabric of the styles TK (PA 6 both warp and weft), TLK (polyester warp and PA 6 weft), EP (polyester warp and PA 6 (PA 6.6) weft), including dipped fabrics of 98-160 cm width, fabric roll length up to 1000 m and with three types of selvage (tucked-in, cut, fused).

Production of industrial fabric

Industrial fabric is made of yarns that were cabled several plies at the Dietze+Schell rewinding machine with subsequent twisting of cabled yarn at Allma|Saurer machines. The fabric is woven at Dornier rapier loom. Technical capabilities of our weaving equipment allow producing greige industrial fabrics of 60 - 250 cm width and up to 1000 m fabric roll  length with three types of selvedge (tucked-in, cut, fused). Nylon, polyester, nylon 6.6 yarns are used for production of the fabric.


It is used for manufacture of conveyor belts and flat drive belts





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