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Cord fabrics


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Nylon cord fabric


Nylon cord fabric along with cord fabrics made from other materials (rayon, polyester, nylon 6.6) is used as a multilayer carcass in pneumatic tyres.

Nylon cord fabric is characterized by high tenacity, resistance to repeated flexural strains, high moisture resistance and low weight. These features allow to increase tyre life and reduce rubber and cord consumption when building tyres.

Branch "Khimvolokno Plant" JSC "Grodno Azot" produces different styles of nylon cord fabric including those with lower surface density: 30(302) KNTS with structure tex 187x1x2, 22(222) KNTS with structure tex 144x1x2. The uniqueness of 22(222) KNTS cord fabric style is that depending on the number of warp ends (100 or 106) it can be used in construction of tyres instead of styles 23(232) KNTS or 25(252) KNTS, thus allowing to promptly react to market demands. Moreover, application of cord fabrics with lower surface density allow to reduce tyre weight while keeping strength, increase tyre durability and reduce car fuel consumption.

Apart from standard fabric styles Branch "Khimvolokno Plant" JSC "Grodno Azot" produces cord fabrics as per  customers’ specifications.  

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